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Three Drafts of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

The Gush Shalom Draft Peace Agreement (2001)

The Ayalon-Nusseibeh Statement of Principles (2002)

The Geneva Initiative (2003)

Read Adam Keller's Comparison of the Three Drafts

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The "Generous Offers" Maps

Gush Shalom has made a tool -- including simple but informative maps for those who have to explain again and again why the "generous offers" of Barak weren't really generous.

You may find "Generous Offers" in Hebrew at
English at

Founding of The Other Israel

In 1982 and 1983, the horrors of the Lebanon War divided Israeli society and turned the attention of the world to the explosive situation in the Middle East. It was during this time that the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (ICIPP) decided to broaden the impact of its activities by establishing an English-language newsletter, The Other Israel.

Aims and Focus of The Other Israel

The Other Israel,published approximately quarterly, aims to provide extensive coverage of the diverse struggles waged by the Israeli peace movement at large. It reports on a great variety of activities, most of which find little or no mention in the world media. It also contains commentaries on events in Israel and the Middle East from a perspective in which the interests of Israelis and Palestinians are ultimately reconcilable.

More and more Israelis, Palestinians and interested groups and individuals all over the world are responding to The Other Israel.The newsletter is available at libraries in Israel, in the Occupied Territories, and in universities throughout the world. It is used as a source by journalists and quoted by political scientists.

Reader comments:

"Thanks for the fine work which is being done in publishing such relevant information about Palestine and Israel, which has not been available to many of us through other sources..."

"Things look so bleak over there. The Other Israel remains a balm -- smart, sane, compassionate, informative, insightful. Keep up the excellent work."

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